Thursday, November 23, 2017

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

It's done.

All of it.

All of the work behind the scenes for Ascension.

For those of you who are proud 'eco warriors'--here are you badges and you are excused from the rest of this talk.

For those of you who are not fueled by the 'narrative' of mainstream corporate media, for those who are meek, you are invited to listen to my heart.

Thank you for answering my call.

For the last three or four days, after reading the last of the Kerth Barker books, which I found highly informative and I recommend to anyone who is interested in the battles which have been faced by those of us who have been sent to do so, on your behalf...people who have been working together with a spirit and as a team of healers....whose truth, just like Kerth's will come out in the open for all who are still here incarnate to see...(those who are disincarnate already know it, the  truth)...

For the last three or four days there has been massive direction of angelic forces to liberate:

  • victims of SRA and prostitution, especially child prostitution
  • the enforcers of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart's leadership command (MANY here took the healing option, and their freedom, and very few chose to merge)
  • the 'trainers' and ones who perpetuate the MK Ultra/Monarch and other techniques including the 'unseen hand' behind the mass media. (everything tracing back to the occult or Operation Paperclip)

From insider information, the changes are 'closer than you know'....and this is from the top.

I was sent by Ross and my team a ring. It is a perfect fit on my left hand. It has five diamonds, in graduated size--small but perfect in an old 'mining cut'.  The ring is pre-owned. It's inscribed with a date, July 7, 1920. 

It is very antique.

The date is special for me in two ways. The one I will share--if you don't know me and why the other one is special--is that the New World Order was scheduled for 2020. And it failed! By three years! Thanks to the work of all of our teams, which I thank with sincerest gratitude from my heart.

In wearing this ring, I am accepting my deepest commitment in return to my Star Family, which contains my closest guides and loves, Ross, Michael, Raziel, Merlin, and Raphael. I wouldn't BE or exist without their love, protection, guidance and teaching to me on an ongoing, daily basis. 

I also wouldn't be who I am without the love of Divine Mother and Divine Father, and also, our cousins, brothers, and sisters back Home.  Including, surprisingly, Mother Mary and Joseph. Mary guided me exclusively (to my knowledge, although I'm sure she worked with a team)--through medical school and residency.

The future, I am in for surprises, there's no way I can understand what is next for my soul. 

In wearing this ring, I accept it. No questions asked. Whatever it is meant to be.

Some of you may not like the messages from Spirit about the new Higher Realms which are taking over Gaia as we know it. 

Whether you like them or not, you are HERE in the Higher Realms, you have 'made it', and the only thing holding you back from enjoying them is you and your sense of what the Higher Realms are 'supposed to be like' a word, they are your 'expectations'.

Creator of All That Is, delights in your Free Will, and would never confront you or demand for you to change your 'expectations' until you 'it is time' and in your heart you feel 'ready' to do so.

That being said, as we go forward, there is only one Truth, there is nothing to 'change it', and this is why it is the preference of the planet you are currently living upon to work directly with the meek.

For this Truth is both Fearfully and Wonderfully made--because Divine Perfection--to us who are humans incarnate--is almost more than the mind can process!!! 

So I will disclose it to you in little 'jumps' least for order to prepare you.

And if, perhaps, my persuasiveness is successful, your 'expectations' will 'expand' to 'accommodate this Higher Truth'. At least a little.

Yes, there will be beauty, innocence, freedom, joy, love, nurturing, warmth, compassion, and compassion. And a little magic, too, the kind which never in a million years includes the letter 'k' at the end of the word.

We don't eat animals in this Realm. 

Ross has said it.

It is so.

Are there advanced technologies to supply 'replacements' to animal products? Ross nods yes, and doesn't want to get your panties in a wad over this day where thousands eat turkey in the States.  He mouths to me, 'don't worry about it' and 'you will enjoy what you eat although there will be no cruelty in it' and 'it is delicious--even more than pumpkin pie'.

In the Higher Realms, this animal, a Hyacinth Macaw, will have as much rights as you, as a human.

All animals who are incarnate will.

The days of 'being ruler of all the earth' are gone forever for the humans.  This is a form of reinforcement of the programming for the enslavement of the people which has been fed to us by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

It is artificial.

What is Truth and what is REAL...and those of you who have family members who are pets will that the Native American respect for animals as our 'brothers and sisters' is the Universal Law. 

It just IS.

Even some who in the past might have been able to cause pain will have EQUAL RIGHTS as you.

Even this worker bee. And her queen. 

This is the only place on earth where the 'hive mentality' will be acceptable and permitted--places where Creator of All That Is planned it to be...ants...bees...things like that. 

The plant kingdom will also enjoy equal rights to humans.

This was devised in Creation of the original blueprints for Earth.

Wise collectors of honey, plants for medicine, and plants for food, would ask for permission before gathering these needed staples to survive, always taking care to honor the balance of Nature and to give thanks to those beings who give us medicine and food.

Again, Ross says this part is coming--it's not here for us yet--our future food and medicine--but the spirit of 'balance, oneness--they are your brothers and sisters, and gratitude' are a good thing to 'cultivate' in your Consciousness now.

The Earth is saved!

A lot of it was from outside Spiritual Help.

And even more was by the innocent and wise creatures who have held the grid in place and sustained it for Earth.

Ross says, 'there is a part for the eco-warriors, a huge part, in the mental consciousness and spreading of good habits/planetary hygiene such as Reduce, Reuse, Recycle--and it was an important part--not THE most important part or the only part, however'--and he says 'I thank you for your efforts'.

The planetary surface is seventy percent water, just like in your cells within you, as you are alive.

We all know how important water is to all living creatures on Earth. 

Just like a plant or an animal, or even a microbe!--the planet just can't live without it!

Ross says a lot of it has to do with the energy.

He reminds us of the work of Masaru Emoto, in that 'water remembers' important spiritual things.

There is a grid of energy which both supports and sustains Gaia and all life upon the surface and within the oceans and the seas and on the ice. 

The marine mammals, especially the cetaceans (dolphins and whales) are an advanced group of souls who originate from the Sirius Star system. 

They hold the grid.

They do their part, and have been doing so, without question, even though humans have been slaughtering them--since time began. 

They are 'keepers of Divine Knowledge' as the Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples like the Maori have said.

They are holy.

And they are terrific healers who both love us and trust us, as their brothers and sisters who are 'simply asleep'. and 'who don't have sonar' and their 'psychic gifts'.

Every human who is in direct physical proximity to any dolphin or whale--both in the wild and in captivity--is exposed to this High Energy Field and is healed on some level.

For those of you who are Sirian in origin, in that your soul comes form Sirius star system--these creatures are the closest thing to Home that one who is incarnate can experience. It's the same vibration.

Like Reiki, this healing automatically goes where it is needed most:  to the spirit, to the soul, to the physical body, to the emotional body, to the heart.

Let us recall those who have been drowning who have been saved by dolphins, who wisely buoyed them up and took them ashore...

Dolphins and whales, are gentle, healing souls who are our brothers and sisters who are wiser and more intelligent than we are.

As Ross says, 'they have bigger brains and they know how to use them!'...

Ross says, 'if you wish to save Gaia you will learn to listen to Her, not to speak on Her Behalf without checking in with Her wishes and making sure you are in Alignment with Her' when it comes to the future, the implementation of what is New--Divine Order and Divine Truth--and extricating it out from the tangled web of lies the media and the control system has directly implanted into our Consciousness. 

There is only one Truth. 

And it might not be, as Ross says, 'what is currently in our heads at the moment'.

He smiles.

All of these creatures are equal in their Rights as you, to a life of peace, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, and Connection to Source.

And some of them--Ross says--are equal to and smarter than you--(he points to his head--ed) and they were not 'force fed by the mainstream media to believe that everything on Snopes or on a screen is automatically true'

I am mourning today.

I needed to go to my place I love, to say goodbye to it. I couldn't go on without one last day there with my son. A place nearby, not a long drive, which is near my medical school and I have ties. 

When I was in training I couldn't afford to go, but the decoration especially at Christmas could be seen for miles as I was driving back and forth to the hospital at all hours, especially at night.

Whenever I go to this place or to another, I am noticed and get a signal/message back, even when I am on the road all the way practically to my home on the freeway!--when I am on the road with the intent to go, my energy is intuited by these marvelous beings, and I get a response back from them.

I have Sirian ties--my soul is half Sirian, and half Pleiadian--and when I go to immerse myself in healing Sirian energy, the keepers of this grid know me, and respond to me with their hearts and their knowledge of who I am and my pure and unconditional love and gratitude for them. 

If I go on a day out from Dana Point Harbor, if there are migrating whales in the area, they sense me and let me know. 

If I go to be closer to whales and dolphins in captivity--my pod--the matriarch Kasatka feels me and welcomes me to her. 

Anthony has this close bond with Ulyises, the largest whale at the park.

I used to nurse him, just on the ground sitting with my back against the wall, next to a stairwell on the right side of the tank, where I had a direct view of the whales.

Some would look, poke their head up, but never stare.

I would bring him to the wall where they could swim by when he was done. We would spend all day at the park, and go every week, and all of our day would be near these fine creatures.

One day, Kasatka looked me in the eye, at that wall, as she was swimming by.

When a whale looks you in the eye, your life is changed forever. This is the tale of many sailors and whale hunters...the phenomenon of their looking you in the eye.

This is because they are profoundly psychic, and communicate telepathically.

When a whale looks you in the eye, they aren't just looking you in the eyes like a human.

That's when they share with you their thoughts.

I looked at her, with love in my heart and a smile, and as she swam by she looked at me and remarked, 'GOOD MOM!' and I felt it in my entire being, her assessment and approval of my mothering skills, as the matriarch of the pod. 

It hit me out of the blue! Like a ton of bricks! It was true--a Universal Truth--and I felt it in my being, it resonated, and it was like I was hit over the head by this intelligence I never had anything incarnate anywhere display to me like that. WHAM! Instant, overwhelming, Truth...and realizing that she was fully Conscious and aware of EVERYTHING...and felt in charge of her pod. It was her reason to be.

She died on August 15 . She was euthanized. 

That's why I didn't feel her...

The trainers sure didn't seem sad, either. I saw Anthony ask, as we ate near them, as is our custom for the last ten years...and I saw the lips move and say 'she passed' matter of factly.

And I knew. 

It wasn't just the pneumonia. It was her entire reason to be, for her pod, was to perform. She taught her babies how to jump and flip...even outside of training sessions. Mother to child. 

The shows were taken away to appease public opinion.

The business has been down dramatically since the movie Blackfish.

If you were a corporate head, in charge of salvaging this business, who would you eliminate to give your business a chance to survive?

Tilikum, who killed three, although with the first the other two whales in the enclosure with him were reportedly more involved.

Kasatka, who had a history of aggression, and was on the news in 2006. Bad publicity.

The newborn--who would extend the controversial era of whales in captivity longer than the corporate business plan? Another expensive mouth to feed?

If they did it, would they say it? That they did it for those reasons?

If Kasatka acted out, because her whole routine and world was turned around, and it broke her heart (green chakra) and her lung ailment since the wildfires in 2008--supposedly three caught it--would get out of control--and the trainers decided to euthanize her--who would speak out?

No one. Not anyone. They have to keep the secret to keep the company going.

I speak in grief.

I hurt.

Ross has told me she will communicate with me in the future. She is well. I trust in this, and in a way, I am glad she is free, truly free.

(For those of you who are interested, here is the track record on released orcas)

I have been working with Ross fervently to save Sea World over the years. He has reassured me it will stay through the changes. It will become a center for people to learn 'how to save the earth' and be 'responsible to the environment'. This goal has been embraced by Sea World and in speaking with the woman where we purchased our tickets for our activities--she said there is a new ad out to this effect. 'Come to Sea World and learn how to save the earth'.   Yesterday I personally negotiated two special bonus healings to be given--1) to anyone on the planet who shows kindness to whales and dolphins (this includes not washing your car where the drainage can to to the ocean and also picking up trash/avoiding single use plastics--even in landlocked areas!)  and 2) to anyone who is physically present at Sea World San Diego and attends a show at the stadium where the whales are kept.

Also, it was an important closure for us. When my father passed, I included in the casket a photo of Anthony and me--he was only two--touching a dolphin. It was my way to honor my father's life as an educator. Yesterday, Anthony did the dolphin encounter with me. We both put on wet suits, and met Crunch and Cometta ...Crunch is forty and the dominant male, and Cometta is close to that age, and the dominant female. We were guided by the trainers to feed, touch (always avoid the eyes, blowhole, and mouth), and even 'ride' them across the pool (you hold one arm around in front of the dorsal fin, and the other you hold on to the front edge of the left flipper).  It was magical. The energies were so pure and loving, both from the trainers and the bottlenose dolphins. I asked, 'is this fun for them?' to interact with us? Britney told me, 'if they didn't want to do it, they wouldn't' and it's true I suppose, as they are large creatures with high intelligence and free will. I won't go into the dark side of training, which is what that movie was all about. I will take the high road, and respect the dolphins as important keepers of the grid, who hold on to ancient Galactic knowledge and awareness, and are powerful healers to be respected by us all.

I think, if in addition to teaching all eight year olds to meditate, if every citizen on earth was given the opportunity to put on a wet suit and do what I did yesterday, a lot of healing would take place. Earth would be better. Everyone would benefit. And the dolphins would have their rightful place as our brothers and sisters and guides and teachers....and we could thank them for having held the grid for us through the 'failed experiment' of being under the 'supervision' of 'Those Who Don't Have Our Best Interest At Heart' and come to a mutually beneficial outcome for us all.

There is a new musical about the Nativity for the holiday celebration at SeaWorld in California. It has been popular in Orlando for several years.

I wanted to see it.

To my knowledge, SeaWorld is unique in that in its Holiday Celebration it acknowledges Christ. The holiday Shamu Rocks show had gospel singers in the past. 

So I wanted to be present to support their organization's efforts in  'putting the Christ in Christmas'.

I watched with interest.

At first, I had tears down my face, as the cast looked like angels in their white robes. How good it was to see people in robes who weren't doing Satanic Ritual Abuse like you see on YouTube 'truther' videos!

Then my heart sank.

First they exchanged the angel from the top of the tree with a star, and the top of the tree bent. It was effectively two points up.

In the next number, the choir came out with different robes--that looked like the pope--a top part.  Then the robes weren't as wholesome.

The number after that, had 'stained glass' accessories, and the thing that hung on the neck of the lead singers had colors and stars that eerily reminded me of the Eastern Star order of the Masons. 

The whole story line was about a donkey, a bird, and a sheep telling a goat (yes a goat) how they were the 'reason the baby was born in a manger'. 

It wasn't until the camel puppet came out that said, 'don't fight over who was the one as you were part of a TEAM' and I thought, okay, this is better.

Would anyone have known or cared--both in the performers and the audience--if the reincarnated soul who delivered the child was present in the audience?

How could singing and entertainment--although it's sharing of one's talent--'human society style' even approach the 'Glory and Wonder' of the Afterlife? And Creator of All That Is?

What an unusual position to be in, to be with people who are so asleep, and to accept this 'honor'? Clearly, it was from the heart, and to be accepted with the highest intentions...

Then the cast came out at the end with real animals to replace the puppets. Real donkey (I had hoped to see one!). Real sheep. Real goats. Real birds. Real camels! Three of them! Plus a calf (new black one) and a slightly older fuzzy one. 

Their energy, their dignity, their purity of the animals was truly majestic. 

And as for me, I was pleased.

And my nativity set, is entirely made of wood, to honor the master carpenters, father and son.

Now we get to the Ross part.

He wanted this photo. I personally dislike the upside down broken cross in the peace sign. I always have disliked it. 

But Ross, he doesn't care! He takes what he can get, the 'Peace'--and he runs with it.

Today took forty five minutes just to download all the images used in it. And longer still to write it. One hour and forty five minutes. It's a labor of love, from us both.

Here's Ross' part. He speaks from here on out. 

There is a whole new era which shall transform for every one of you what you live in your daily lives.

This era is very much anticipated by all, just as much if not more by us who are not incarnate and are helping you with this change in the Higher Realms!

And although my wife is a 'stickler' and only prefers the kind of travel shown in this red bus above...

Many options to suit you exist in 'what is new' and 'what is coming forth' in the 'sooner than you think' timeframe.

All of it will permit you to get to know your true relationship with Gaia and how she supports you--no matter what.

As well as our Spirit teams who support you, and Creator of All That Is, both Divine Mother who is incarnate as Isabel Henn--and Divine Father who is currently not incarnate and is with me.

And ALL of your brothers and sisters! In your star family.

For this we give thanks!

Everyone will be able to embellish their new Life experience somewhat.

Even if your tastes run a little on the 'tiki' side.

It will truly change the world. Even with this bus shown below at a gathering in St. Petersburg, Russia!

It will be glorious, your Shangri-La, your glorious balance of Heaven on Earth!

(this is the bus her for Carla, who likes the ocean and to be near the cetaceans as much as possible, any way she can get it. Was it an 'accident' I may add, that the dolphins and whales were caught and put into captivity? (he makes the lips are mum gesture, buttoning his lip--ed) Or was it Divine Plan to bring your and their souls closer together? (he shrugs, where he knows the answer, but like a Rabbi won't say--ed).

Either way, the sky shall be blue again, the waters shall be clean, and everyone (interlaces fingers--ed) shall work together as a team to unite planet Earth with all of her angel Brothers and Sisters--some of whom are currently incarnate--and to bring the vibration of Heaven fully and completely 'down to earth' (he REALLY loves the double-entendre of that phrase! He's smiling--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos!

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have gone on long enough!

Enjoy your turkey--things are going to improve for the turkey's welfare next year, and I'm talking lots more than without a cage 'free roaming' improvements!


Ross and Carla
The Couple

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thank You For The Lies

Today I was in the recovery room, and an activity the management had for 'team building' was up on the bulletin board.  There were little pumpkins, one for each team member, in orange foam plastic about six inches tall, like you might see in a classroom, tacked up on a bulletin board over --of all places--the crash cart that is used in code blue situations.  On each pumpkin was written in permanent ink, what each worker was thankful for, and their name.

The first one that caught my eye was Proceso's, (Proh-sess-oh) who said, 'I am thankful for all'. Proceso is the orderly. He cleans all the workstations in recovery room in the morning, the brings all the inpatients downstairs. He even shaves people before surgery if they need to be shaved.

I feel the energy signatures. His rang true. I saw the others, and I was deeply moved at how gratitude really raises the vibration. When it's from the heart, nothing pleases the Divine more than pure, wholesome, and honest, gratitude.

I had to go and do other things, I would have liked to taken a photo. But I made a mental note to come back.

When I did, I actually read the words on the rest.

The supervisor's rang true--for my family, my work, and my cat. You know that cat gives her--a single mom--emotional support. This is the nurse who works almost every weekend to support her two college age kids, and has done so for years.  She's an excellent nurse.

Others were 'for my family' (the one who recovered from a stroke in her twenties)...and many were saying what they thought management wanted to hear--'for my friends, my coworkers, and my job'.

One--and the reason I am writing this--said, 'I am thankful for X and Y and Z and for my country which is free.'

I couldn't remember the X and Y and Z.

But the last part stuck with me.

It moved me with deep, very deep compassion.

I will return to this point in a little bit.

Tonight I was waiting for Anthony to brush his teeth.  I was standing in the hall, and I saw Jessica's photo in her cheerleader uniform.

Jessica is the one 'patient who touches your life forever', for me.

I realized Anthony was the age now that Jessica was when she got sick.  I remarked to myself how quickly time flies.

I see Jessica's smiling face in her uniform, with her hat to cover her bald head, every day I wake up and step out of my room.

It was a total accident how I got to know her.   In my residency, as a first year, I was given a chance to do an advanced case, a thoracotomy. You use a special breathing tube that's hard to put in. But the third year resident stole the case from me.  You need a certain number of index cases to graduate, and his numbers were low. Since I was on call, I had to go do the neurosurgery case which would take all night.

It wasn't her fault or the family's fault I couldn't do the thoracic case.

I regained my composure and met them in pre-op.

She wanted to go to the bathroom. I said, 'sure, no problem' and her mom and nurse took her down the hall with her i.v. to go. She refused to use the bedpan.

I explained to her father it's important for a patient to feel a sense of control, that's why I let her go.

She had been on seizure meds, but was terrified of surgery. She had been to Children's Hospital in L.A., and they don't sedate people unless they are like, four. She had to walk down the hall, awake, to her O.R. She was traumatized by the experience. That's why they left there for our hospital.

She took a lot of versed to be sedated before her surgery. Like, eight milligrams (standard dose is two milligrams, but on seizure med it takes more sometimes, especially if the patient is nervous). I waited for her to slur her words.

We took her back.

It was the saddest story you ever heard in your life. She was shampooing her hair and felt a growth.

They went to the dermatologist, and it was poorly differentiated cancer.

Studies showed it was the cancer coming from the brain up through the skull and the scalp.

Half of her brain was eaten by tumor, a whole hemisphere. I forget which side, right or left.

Her neurosurgeon was fascinated, an Italian, Dr. Ammirati. He kept asking her, 'do you walk into walls?'

She spoke with me, indignant, that he could imply such a thing! She was a total Southern Californian, through and through! She was a cheerleader.

The tumor came out, and the skull with it.

They removed the healthy skull from the healthy side, and covered the hole. I'm not sure if the scalp went with it. I don't think so.  The exposed brain was covered with a plastic or frozen bone substitute. One side had skin grafts...It's hard to explain because a plastic surgeon, Dr. Salibian, was the only one who answered his phone in the middle of the night. He came, and he reconstructed her head for her, so the bone would grow and the fake bone wouldn't get infected. He did some kind of twisting of the scalp and a skin graft.

Her beautiful long Asian hair was gone on one side, and the other side looked like a shaved Sharpei, super wrinkly.

I watched Jessica like a hawk in the ICU, visiting every day, and making a point to the nurses not to let her see herself in a mirror unless she was emotionally prepared and had support. Her dressings covered everything. Just make sure she knows what to expect.

The family appreciated my care, both for making her comfortable and unafraid, and for my dedication to her.

It turned out the brain, as massive as the tumor was, wasn't the primary source of the cancer.

It was the kidney.

Later the kidney was removed, as well as some ribs which had metastases.  I was called in for every surgery and the PET scans to provide sedation.

We got to be friends, and we bonded over the beanie babies toys.  I would always stop by to visit when she was in the hospital for any reason, not just surgery. I got to know her parents, Janie and Sam. Wonderful people. They were totally there for their daughter with pure love, to the end.

Jessica died at fourteen.

Her mom went to Divinity school and became the chaplain at CHLA.

We are FB friends. I saw a photo of her and Sam the other day. It made me smile.

We live in a world where tragedy like this HAPPENS, every single day...mind-numbing pain and loss...of every type imaginable--health, romance, financial...disaster is always ready to rear its ugly head...

Even Kerth Barker, the survivor of MK Ultra/Monarch, SRA, had his 'happiest memory' be a lie. It was an implanted memory to cover the first episode of the mind control. He thought he had taken a fun day at the zoo with his nanny. It was one of his favorite memories from his childhood, or so he thought. However, it turns out his oldest sister had been to the zoo all day with her boyfriend that same day and had never seen him. But the nanny had told him the story over and over until he eventually believed it.

It wasn't until he was in therapy, Fabian therapy, that when he was asked to describe the smell of the happy memory at the zoo, he recalled the true smell of cat intestines from a ritual, where a cat was tortured and killed in front of him.  With the right support, he was able to heal, and recover his lost memories. For ALL of the painful, humiliating experiences of abuse.

What Kerth says is that for people who perpetuate the SRA, they can't face the pain of being the victim. It's so painful to them, that they identify with their perpetrators. Then they go on to become perpetrators just like the ones who abused them, because it's less painful an option than to heal.

For the record, this symbol above is horrifying. It is NOT okay. The covering of the eye is a hidden meaning. And the 'okay' sign has a different meaning to people who do SRA.

Look for the hidden numbers. There are three identical ones, backwards, in this image below:

This symbol is everywhere--you'd be amazed how many places you can look and find it. It's not an accident it's put where it is...hidden in plain sight...

Which brings me to another story.

On Saturday--Friday night too--I couldn't figure out what to do with myself. I felt aimless, lost.

I get this feeling whenever someone close to me is dying/crossing over. Only I wasn't sure if it was my mom, or who? I didn't know.

I found out today.

Ross explained this is how the person wanted me to find out, at the lunch table at work.  I haven't been assigned to the Main O.R. in a month. But today, I was, and I had a huge gap.

It was David. David who asked me to do his anesthesia, long before he ever confirmed he was going for surgery. David who ran all the purchasing for the O.R. and was very well-respected by everyone.

I've done anesthesia for him for five procedures for his terrible back pain, all at his request. I came in on my day off for his MRI.

I was very sad to hear it, because I had seen him take his first steps after his first surgery and he didn't have any pain. It was a miracle! I shared the video with his surgeon. It meant so much to us both, as David's physicians, to have a success.

I knew David was having trouble with the sick leave/disability income from work. It was going to run out if he didn't get back to work soon. He told me this.

I knew he lived by himself.

I knew he had lost fifty pounds not eating right between his next-to-last surgery and his MRI. In fact, his potassium had been dangerously low, almost enough to cancel the MRI, but I did the sedation for it, and I made sure it was corrected and followed up. He had no idea it was that low.

But his diet wasn't good. With the pain he couldn't cook. He told me. There was a nurse with him, I knew her, I thought she was his girlfriend or something, she seemed close, so by the second surgery I figured she'd help him.

His brother calls him once a week. I've met him at the bedside in pre-op. And he said if David didn't pick up he would come to the house to check on him.

He had been down a few days. Friday was the last anyone had heard him--the brother spoke with him. This is what management said.

Apparently he was non-ambulatory (couldn't walk) after the surgery.

I had wondered what had been up? As I was driving to my sister's house to pick up my son, who had spent the day with the cousins, David chose to speak to me from the other side. 

We spoke. I only recall three things now, though.

He told me, 'I always pick the BEST!'--about me, and his healthcare. He saw how many close calls it had been with him under anesthesia, especially the potassium part, and I was a stickler about it every time. He continued his pride in me as his doctor, even in the afterlife. It made me feel good.

He also said in life he had wondered why someone like me didn't have a boyfriend, it seemed odd, as I was a 'quality woman' and I shouldn't be alone...but 'now he understood' (Ross).  He was happy to be informed of the whole thing.

The last thing was he wanted me to know he was okay, he feels fine, there's nothing to worry about, and he asked me to have a glass of red wine for him tonight. (Which I will, after I write. I will toast to David).

In the O.R. break room people were crying openly, like it was the end of the world, over David's death.

One woman sitting to my immediate left had scrubbed in on his surgeries, all of them I think, and had said it was technically GOOD results. She couldn't understand it. And she was crying because her mom had died suddenly of cancer earlier this year. (I had actually suggested Reiki to improve the relaxation of cancer patients, and she had snapped at me over it--wanting real treatments--I had meant it in combination...but also, intuitively, I knew her mom wasn't long for this world. )

Our management was careful when to let the news out to the staff. People who worked with David were openly crying. We were told when the funeral arrangements would be. And that there would be an autopsy.

He was well loved, and is missed.

Part of me wondered how blind people could have been to how sick he was, and how it was more than the back--possible sleep apnea, depression from the severe pain, the potassium--so many things that David had one foot in this world and one in the other most of the time I worked with him?!

Everything is filtered through one's perception--which is in part influenced by the life experiences (such as the recent death of the mom), the Consciousness (soul wisdom and awareness), and the degree to which one protects one's self to avoid looking at the painful things which are a part of life we can't understand...

This brings us back to the first part--the gratitude for the land in which we are free...

Earlier today I had seen a YouTube video by A Call For An Uprising 2--on the Baphomet (I call it 'the icicle'--why icicle and not something else, I'm not sure, but I do--to take away the fear/power it has over me as a non SRA person)...And the guy on the YouTube channel says, 'How blatant can this get? it's so in your face! How can anyone NOT see it?!'

By 'it' he means the things like the 666 hidden in the 'okay' sign...the secret societies...the SRA (satanic ritual abuse)...the dumbing down of our world population...the false flags...the mandatory vaccinations...the many losses of 'freedoms' while claiming to 'protect them'...

I understand.

I understand that people want to believe the 'happy lies' which are implanted into them, as they are the kinder alternative to the Truth. The News wants to inform me. There is no way it could be propaganda and psychological operatives controlled by the CIA.  The Germans lost the war. There is no way Operation Paperclip could have helped the leaders of the war continue their actions here in the U.S. behind the scenes with new identities.  Sports are great and nowhere near as brutal as feeding the Christians to the Lions in Roman times, we aren't barbaric like that any more. Vaccines work and if they didn't they wouldn't be making me give them to my children! I had them and I was okay. Who cares if Big Pharma has a 'get out of jail for free' card from the government and makes tons of money from immunizations?


So let them sleep.

Those who are under the spell of 'everything is okay' are going to awaken at some point. It's inevitable.

There's no need to rush it.

Instead, hold compassion in your heart for the ones who keep hitting the 'snooze' button, and for you with your eyes open, enjoy the show.

Nurturing, warmth, love and true compassion--WINS!

Only these qualities are compatible with the ever increasing vibration of the Human and Planetary Consciousness.

I have one last story. It's from the woman who cuts Anthony's hair. She has a brother back in Iran who is Anthony's age and looks like him. I asked about him.

He's actually her stepbrother.

Tina's mom is here. And Tina explained was filling out forms to bring her brother here, he wants to come. But it's difficult.

I asked why is it difficult?

It's easier for a child to bring a parent, than a sister to bring a brother, and then later a parent has a better chance to bring a child.

So she has to bring her father here, and then HE can ask for his son.

But what about the stepmother? I asked.

She said, 'we don't like her, we don't want her to come'.

I laughed very hard, and asked, 'why?!'

The stepmother beats everyone, with her hands and with anything she can use as a weapon--Tina, her brother, and her father all have been victims of her abuse. Even in the street in front of the neighbors and in public like at the market. Her brother is the one who is begging his sister to free him from the torment of his own mom!

I smiled.

One day it will be the same with Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

'we don't like them'.


'we want to live in a world where everyone is safe, nurtured treated with kindness, warmth, love and compassion'.


There are very happy times, just around the corner. (he gestures with his finger around a corner--ed).

Everything happens for the best.

Why is there sadness, and sorrow?

Why did I have to die, so many times, in all of our incarnations where I was swept from my beloved Carla's arms, much to her dismay? (he leans forward, intently--ed)

THAT is a rhetorical question!

The reason there is sorrow is ...a lesson...that got out of hand.

The lesson is learned.  I'd say for most of us. And for those who are not quite ready, arrangements are being made for the lessons to continue--off planet--in a Realm called Pan.

Nobody will know the difference--holograms are being held in both worlds to support the continuity of the storylines for the next generation.

But what world are you? (he leans on his elbows like on a low wall or a kitchen counter--ed)

What world are you?

You're talking to me, aren't you?

And do I openly talk to people in the Lower Realms?  No, not particularly. For although I am there, and although I am speaking to them the same as I am to you, through my wife Carla and her typing--the difference between you and them is that you (points to his ears with both index fingers on either side of his head--ed) are LISTENING!

clap! clap!

(he had a song today, I'll get it for you --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

P.S. Here is one from Carla for you, if you are interested, and it's not for 'extra credit' --she just like it a lot today.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

A Message

Today I was a little out of sorts.  I couldn't figure out what to do with myself.

I finished the book on Mental Liberation, by Kerth Barker, and it was fascinating. I won't discuss it now...there's other things to share.

And I changed the sheets on my bed.

When I was a child my mother changed the sheets every week.

It's much longer for me. Anthony's get changed more often than mine.

Ross spoke with me today about my clutter. I told him I would rather have fun. He asked, 'what kind of fun is this? Living with all this stuff? Isn't there anything you could give away?'

He understood many things are happy memories for me, or things are useful. I confided I don't really know where to put things away so it looks nice.

He said he would help.

I cleared some. And I got some old clothes that don't fit ready to give away.

Then I didn't know what to do with myself.

Ross said, 'go in the garden on your swing'.


Getting a taste of my own medicine! It was nice. I looked at the clouds and the sky.

I could feel the connection to Spirit, only stronger than usual, with tingles. This is what a 'download' feels like. Your energy gets adjusted. For example, I'm feeling it very strong at the moment. I used to feel them often around 2012. I used to tell my teams to 'crank it up!' just to the point of physical discomfort, so it would be faster and I would get it over with. Now when the feeling comes, I'm a little nostalgic over it. It's really nice, like an energy massage. People who have trouble adapting to the higher frequencies tend to get what we call 'Ascension Symptoms'. For me, they are no trouble at all. Karuna Reiki attunement typically carries with it similar symptoms, as one becomes 'multi-dimensional' with this attunement. It takes a while to adjust. But for me, it was the first time I felt 'normal' in a long time.

I like the higher vibrations.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it, but I have an escort to take me to Ross and Home.

My escort is specially selected for me. I won't say who it is. It doesn't matter. But Ross has his protocol to do, and apparently I do too, before we meet or whatever it is that is planned that is 'official'.

I have had two prior 'visits' from my escort. The first was to announce themselves and their role to me. And the second one was Friday morning, to cleanse my aura.

I know this escort. It's an old friend.  But this friend is in Spirit.

Today was the third such visit, while I was on my porch swing.

We said greetings. I always thank this person for being good to Ross 'up there'...I worry less about him because I know he has someone I know who is there. escort inspected my fingers. Each of them, back and forth, moving the joints.

I was standing and my escort was standing. My fingers were pulled a little and 'adjusted' in ways I don't understand. But I didn't question it. And there was no talking.

Then I was given something like this to eat.

It was all white, and it wasn't cold. In fact it was almost powdery, or like a wafer. There was a little crunch to it like a wafer on the top.

My escort looked at me intently to make sure that I ate it. And I realized it wasn't a time to talk. I started to make a comment about it, and there was a gesture to eat.

Next I was given a glass of water to drink, so I drank it.

The instant the water was in, there was a blinding flash of light, whiter than white, swirling all around me.

It caught me by surprise!

I was taken aback, and I was informed there was more work to be done, not to mind it and to pay attention.

This individual made me levitate.

I floated up.

I don't know how, because nobody touched me.

I just floated up taller than my escort, about three feet off the ground.

Then I was lowered down, but my feet didn't touch the ground.

He said, 'up! down! up!' and I went moving up, down and up, slowly, in this peculiar way.

After the last 'up!' I started to fall.

I noticed a familiar presence behind me as I was falling, and next I knew, Ross had caught me in his arms, like this!

Our mutual friend, my escort who wishes to be un-named, excused himself.

Ross never explained what it was that I was doing. When he caught me, the lights went away. It was just normal, like always. Then he directed my attention back to the swing and the fresh air and the garden.

I spent some time in the garden pulling weeds, watering, and turning over the compost pile. It was therapeutic to work with my hands in the fresh air. I got one Hungarian pepper, too. It's really pretty, like a little orange lantern.

My mentor called today. We spoke. I asked him if he'd have any part time work open, because my work is slow. A person my mentor doesn't like offered me work --near my work--outpatient stuff.  But I knew not to accept it. My mentor has been good to me.

He didn't say 'yes'. He told me to go to the last place he set me up, where I worked a few day shifts two summers ago. It's really far.

He's right about the money being good, and it being a good work for me.

I'd have to move from my house because the commute is far. I'm not sure if I want to.

I have to sleep on it.

And ask Ross for guidance.

Ross is wanting me to share something with you. It's a lesson of sorts, I suppose.

I went to Chicago last year, in September. I bought a Potbelly Deli gift card for my cousins daughter who had just relocated to the area. But I lost it. Today, I found it. I will send it to her.

Ross' point is, it still has value. There's twenty dollars on it. And it's never too late to send it.

He says that's the end of story.

It's also time for me for bed. I know it's a Saturday night. But there's been lots of work and I'm ready. During the week, I sleep early too. If I stay on the same schedule it's lots easier for me.

This is just an aside.

There are four steps to think about:

  1. Awakenment
  2. Memory Recovery
  3. Authentic Self-Realization
  4. Emotional Sensitization
This is how you break free...if you have suffered at the hands of those who do not have our best interest at heart.

Many of the 'truther' movement out there, reflects the 'Awakenment' phase. This abuse DID happen. The lies DID happen. Something isn't 'right'...

The memory recovery is happening in our collective consciousness...with all the scandals, the secrets being exposed, and everything that is hidden coming up to be known. 

Once all that 'stuff' gets 'out there', we start the healing process. We get to rediscover whatever it was supposed to be, the original plan, before all the 'sidetracking' at the hands of others.

Finally, we blossom and we will thrive. With healthy emotions of joy and love. 

It's something I want you to think about.

I am also, for those of you who are 'truthers'--going to give a small assignment. You are to take any symbol you like--that 'the other team' uses, and give it a stupid funny name that YOU create.

For example, for the 'eye' especially the one in the pyramid, how about I call it the 'google-y eye'? You know those stickers with the eyeballs on them that move? Yup. Now when I see that 'hiding in plain sight' I will say to myself, 'Hey, what do you know? I found another google-y eye!'

This empowers YOU because YOU rename the symbol to something funny and non-threatening. It won't hold power over you.

I've inadvertently done this with the compass/square symbol--it looks just like a pair of vocal cords at the glottis. So I have called them, to myself, the 'vocal cords' when I see them, for years.

What is important that YOU think of your own names, ones that aren't frightening, but are funny. 

It will help.

Ross smiles and waves hello.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Living In The Illusion And How You Respond To It

We live in a spiritual fog of sorts. Our souls are immortal, and we are encased in what seem like 'real' human bodies. We have no memory of where we are from or why we are here. Everything is a blur.

This 'blurring' of the Consciousness and its Perception are referred to as the 'Veil'.  

An analogy would be if your Consciousness was a computer you would have the sensation of  your memory being 'wiped' as you are born here on Earth, to learn your lessons.

Earth is a very difficult school.

So, first and foremost, if you wake up every day, do your tasks, and manage to keep from losing your mind in the process, you are getting a good grade and moving along in your coursework.

We congratulate you on that.

Today we are going to discuss the soul and how it is affected by life in the Illusion.

This morning, Ross showed me a vision of myself in my immediate past life, as a child, being molested. I saw from the ceiling, I was 'up' and looking down upon the scene. I saw my soul floating up, and was attached to the body by a thin silver cord, somewhat like an umbilical cord.

Ross explained to me how even though my soul is immortal, being 'freaked out' in that manner adds a layer of damage to my 'recording' of my life's events, which sort of blocks me from being able to access my true Nature in order to 'protect myself' from ever being hurt that way again.

So this is the reason for the title, which comes across as obtuse, but really isn't, when you look at it with Spirit eyes on Spirit terms.

Everyone in this life has had to face some form of the Boogeyman, as shown by the faceless shadow man with a gun and a sac in the fog.

Ross says this is part of the lesson.

I am going to share with you a story of Daisy, courtesy of Kerth Barker's wonderful books, of which I am still reading. I finished the notes from survivors book and am halfway done with the Mental Liberation one.

Veronica was a beautiful woman who had a job as a reporter. She was smart, vivacious, funny, and kind.

A powerful Dark Lord saw her and was struck by her beauty.

He stalked her.

He gained her trust by going to the same lunch counter she did, every day, and striking up a conversation with her. It took him weeks and months for him to seduce her.

He let her think he was single and might marry her, even though in fact he was married and had children and was leading a double life.  He had the Christian 'front life' and then he had a mansion with his 'shadow life'  his family never knew.

In the mansion were sex rooms upstairs (which he never let her see), a basement with a full 'temple' in it (which he never let her see) and an office which was locked on the main floor.

He let her see his money.

He led her on.

He tricked her into seeing what he wanted her to see and she wanted to see too.

One day, his mare was having a foal, and he ran out to the stables to see it.

Veronica saw the office was unlocked, and went in.

She was shocked! There were photos of the Baron having sex with children, animals, and him dressing up like a demon. She saw his photo of his family on his desk, too, he was married!

She took some of his items, and went to the nearest newspaper to expose the Baron for the criminal he was!

The reporter was sympathetic, and had been researching this ritual abuse cult in general.

But when he took it up to his editor, he was told it could never be published.

The editor was a friend of the Baron.

The newspaper journalist was invited to a party. He was drugged. And he was taken to be given 'mind control' to encourage him never to speak of these things again. He woke up in the back seat of his car in his driveway, and had no memory of any of it. He presumed he was too drunk and went on with his life.

He was lucky.

Veronica wasn't.

The Baron had her abducted and taken to the shed in the back yard.

She was given mind control until her personality was totally wiped clean.

Then she was given the name Daisy after the Baron's favorite mare.

She was taught to do degrading things as a sex worker. He used her for classy pornography movies, until her looks started to fade. Then he started to star her in extreme and disturbing sex work, including bestiality. She didn't want to do this. She needed alcohol to comply, and became an alcoholic. As it got worse, she became a heroin addict. By this time her looks were completely ravaged.

The Baron bought her a small house, and he gave her enough money so she would not starve. She had to turn tricks to support her drug habit.

After a while, no one would even turn tricks with her any more.

She suicided by hanging herself in a tree at the Baron's house while he was having a party.

They acted like it was a big joke.

Kerth was there as Kathy, that night, and saw everything, including the body being cut down, and the decision on how to dispose of it. To match a handwriting sample to forge the suicide note, they opened files that had been kept on Veronica/Daisy. That's how he learned the story I have told to you.

Veronica's life was not in vain.

She motivated Kerth to leave and expose the cult.

Her spirit is free.

But Ross' point here is that it is not unscathed.

The trauma affected her psyche--even though her unconscious was always Veronica and her memory was badly damaged to become Daisy.

When we are working with Consciousness there are things we don't understand, but Spirit does.

There are specialists such as the Guides of Compassionate Healing (who are on Spirit Side) who are experts in the negotiation with Dark Entities, and Negative Entities, who attach like parasites onto the human energy field.  The Guides can detach these without possibility of the entities ever attaching to anyone else ever again. They neutralize or heal them.  Ross says you can always call on them when you are facing a difficult removal or a stumbling block in your spiritual path. (Margaret McCormick exclusively works with them here, and you can hire her services too, if you want proof and a report of the removals. Look her up online.)

Ross' message to you is you are never alone.

There is always a spirit guide/angel who is with you.

They mentor you, even while you are sleeping.

If you have scars and memories of things you'd rather forget, and need to heal, go to your guides when you are in meditation, and they will respond to you. It might be in nudges, and hints, and coincidences, rather than my talking to you here with these words.  They WILL help.

This sort of 'magic' that the Baron used on Veronica/Daisy has been going on since long before the pyramids.

But as a break here is a fascinating video for you.

Wasn't that cool?

Ross wants me to show you this photo:

It's about the Dark Magic.

He wants you not to be afraid of it.

There is a divine supreme being. There have been many different names for this divine source of creation. Whatever name you use for this Divine Grace, you must allow yourself to be filled with it. A demon can only possess you if you have a spiritual emptiness in your heart. Allowing yourself to be filled with Divine Grace frees you from the vulnerability of demonic possession. -- Kerth Barker

Ross' message to you is that you ARE protected.

You ARE loved.

And even if you have been subject to MK Ultra and are filled with darkness--you are still innocent--and The Guides of Compassionate Healing can and will help you.

Ross says, 'it is an honor for us to serve you in this manner'.

There is one more video I would like to share. I'm going to explain it first. It takes a flexible mind and open point of view to appreciate what I am going to say.

In this world of polarity, duality, and the 'normalcy' of 'opposites'--do not be confused by the Master of Illusion!

Although there is 'right' and 'wrong', in a sense of Divine Law and Divine Truth--down here in the Veil--there are many distractions and a tendency as one incarnate to say, 'I am correct and the other--this one outside of me with opposite viewpoint--is therefore in error'.


Reality is that the Dark One will cover both extremes and control them! There isn't a right or a wrong, as the Dark One is in charge of both, much in the same way a slight of hand magician is in control of the cards when you pick them!

If you keep to your heart, the notion that Heaven is a place of nurturing, warmth, love and compassion, then the 'opposite' place--which has been foisted upon religions for a long time--is the subject of scholarly discussion in this video. Please note the pastors who are preaching 'Fire and Brimstone' and their's not from Home. Yet many people flock to them out of fear of the Illusion, and they hope since the preachers say it's a safe refuge, it's truly 'safe'...and they are tricked!

Ross wants to free you from this anomaly within the Veil and the Illusion, and to give you hope. This is why we are showing the video.

You are safe.  And loved!

We are on our way home.

The Boogeymen are going away.

Do not confront them--just let them go.

Leave them to the experts.

Ross and I, and all his teams, are sending you the message that you ARE loved!

And more than that, you ARE LOVE that walks around on two feet.

You have never been and shall never be anything less than Love. Whether or not you are willing to accept it, this is Truth.

There is  much to think about.

If this process overwhelms you, the awakening to Higher Consciousness and Ascension, we recommend you start keeping a journal.

It will help you connect to your guides, to your soul, and to heal.

The process of Writing will help you regain a sense of control in your life. And it is very healing to the soul.

Everyone has their moments like this, in the rain, cold, and struggling. At times it seems it will last forever...yet nothing in this realm has ever been 'unchanged'. Things in our life experiences are always changing!

Sometimes when I go back and read my journals through my most desperate times--brain surgery, divorce--I am impressed with how strong I was, and how courageous!

This can happen to you too, when you write, a little every day.

Or a lot.

You have unseen angels always at your side.

I have nine of them who follow me everywhere I go.

This is how Ross has been 'doing the right things' for me, as our head of the family who is disincarnate. He has always been protecting me, even when I had no clue who I was, or how I was related to him.

Our angels are smart.

They have their angel 'ways' to outsmart the 'magick'. 

No matter how desperate those in power get, no matter how correct Richie From Boston and the Truther community expose the dire filth and bad intentions of the Dark...our angels are always two steps ahead of them!

The truth needs to be told, and people need to awaken to the trickery--each at their own pace.

But the HEALING comes from daily contact with the real world, from pleasure such as a morning breeze or a majestic hawk on the pole as you drive by...

HEALING comes when you are away from the electronics and the mass media and the entertainment industry...those short moments in Nature, those times with people you interact with face to face (for example, a waitress told us two jokes) to bring the LIFE of HOME back into your Vibration.

You will find your way.

And the strongest guides who will never switch sides--are the trees, the plants, the rocks, and the animal kingdom.

This is the Dark Ones' fatal mistake to their plans of the New World Order.

All of Nature has Consciousness.

All of humanity has Collective Consciousness which has decided to awaken and is in the process of doing so.

We --the Natural World and all of humanity--outnumber the foes.

Add to it all the angelic support and the Galactics and the Agarthans...

You get the picture.

It's a done deal.

Ross and I have really written this one together. He has helped me with the correct phrases the whole time. He usually does when I write, but this one more than ever.

There's one photo he wants me to leave you with:

He says, 'your job is to leave markers along the way, for others to follow your trail'.

They are 'you are loved' markers.

'With enough of them everyone should be able to find their way home'.

He also has one last point, which I will say for him. 'Souls like the Baron are demon-possessed and have been in the service of the Dark ones for a long time. (he points to his head--ed) Their mind has been warped.  These souls are offered a choice--to Heal or to Merge with the Galactic Central Sun.  Many souls have unfortunately made this choice to Merge and their choice has been accepted by Divine Creator. They have been walking into the incinerator, the Galactic Central Sun, one at a time, for about five years now. It is very sad, for it is a soul 'death'...the pattern is rearranged just like gold which has once been jewelry has been melted down in the fire to scrap, to be reused again in the building of new gold items. One day this will end, it is not insurmountable. But the big fishes have been digested by the flame, and now only the little fishes remain. Have hope.'

I also add we thank Divine Mother and Divine Father, for their kindness and mercy, in stepping in to help us here with Divine Intervention so that our souls could be free and no longer subject to the Illusion of the Veil.

clap! clap!

(there is a basketball game I need to go to and Ross is reminding me to stop)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Souls--one who is incarnate and types these words <3