Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cobra Update 1.30.2014--Explained

Here's the link to the Cobra update:

Definition Eostres--Eostres- Spring Equinox- March 20-23

And here's a link to more about the Eostres--
(Mahalos and aloha to Amy Palreiro Collins for the information)

Plus here is an explanation for the L's:
It's lengthy, but it's there.

In my estimation--the elephant in the room is that around the Equinox there will be a convergence between timelines and the layers closest to surface Gaia that will result in a HUGE influx (a G2 embedded star, no less!) of Light with Goddess Energy and higher dimensional (as in Unicorns!) vibration.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


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    1. Mahalos and so very much love, Sister!

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    1. Thank you Matthew. I appreciate your expertise. That's why I said this is 'my estimate'. It is up for the reader to decide with their own connection to Source if this 'resonates' with them as Truth. For me, it does. For you, it doesn't. And that is what makes the world go round. Agree to disagree? I hope you do. Aloha and Mahalos, Namaste.

  3. Hmmmm...... Of course this is NOT accurate. But.... at least she's thinking and she TRIED!
    I salut everybody who's doing that! ;))))
    And she did it better than I, you and others could. ;((((