Monday, October 16, 2017

The Visions

Today I am home, sick. Someone had the kindness to work for me today. I can't ever 'call in' sick without someone offering to take my place. The same is true for vacation. My job is always 'there', and I can't cancel a room like a surgeon can when they are sick.

Yesterday I had many visions.

I realize as a healer, this is one of the best things I am able to do, is to bring information from Spirit here to our reality.

There is one thing I'd like to share, Ross reminded me to, which happened a few weeks ago, and I forgot to share.

I took Anthony to the last baseball game of the season.

Ross guided me where to pick the seats.

I bought two.

While I was enjoying the game, somehow without explaining it, my eyes were drawn to the presence of a small white cloud just to the right of the scoreboard (on the left as I faced it).  It was roughly about eye level with me.

It looked like this:

The bottom of the two puffy ones at nine-o'clock position. The rest of the sky, in my view, was cloudless. I looked up and some were overhead.

I looked at the cloud and thought, 'Why am I looking at this cloud?'

Then I realized it might be more than a cloud, and a certain someone was in it, saying 'hello'.

I caught myself.

Could this be?

Hoping for the best, I returned a cheery 'hello' with my heart full of enthusiasm, in silence to the crowd but filled with love from my heart. I waved my hand and I smiled to the cloud.

The moment passed.

The next time I looked up, the cloud had completely disappeared!

Simply vanished.

I went to ask Ross about the parable of the oil lamps.

(I didn't know yesterday was Diwali. Had no clue. But that's where these lamp pictures are from. Happy Diwali to you from us if you celebrate it.)

Ross says that the story is meant to be taken in from everyone's perspective, which is different, and might be different from our own, to be understood and equally respected.

That's why we chose this image with the many lamps.

If you think of the perspective of the people who are paying for the wedding, the lamp escorts for the groom were paid to do a job, but not all of them did it. It's cut and dried.

If you think of the perspective of the groom, there are many more things on his mind than the lamps, as long as he gets to the wedding, first and foremost on his mind is his new life with his new bride (Ross says, 'hopefully he knows her'--ed).

If you think of the perspective of the other guests at the party, they aren't going to want to hear the gnashing of teeth and wailing of those with unlit lamps outside. It will spoil the party.

If you think of the wise ones who kept the oil, the ones who did their job accordingly, they would like some recognition for their wisdom and efforts, and would not want the same treatment to be given to those who 'shirked their duty'.

If you think of the ones who were foolish, and careless, are they to feel responsible and learn responsibility from this? Or is it a pattern which will happen again and again, and others must cover for them? They are a burden to the rest, in some ways, although with love and joy and acceptance perhaps they can be taught to take responsibility as full members of their culture, is it not? Are they deserving of 'one more chance?'

The other thing Ross said, is that another way to look at this story is through our bunny. For those of you who know her, she can't clean herself. She would enjoy a clean cage, and she does not have the means to do so. It is outside of her ability to care for herself as a rabbit in captivity. Furthermore, for the part of the cleaning herself she is asked by Nature to do--she fails--and huge clumps of poop get stuck on her bottom which Carla has to clean.  This rabbit is loved, she is welcome, she is family...and she has her limits which everyone knows and understands is 'part of the deal'. Ross says she will 'never be able to clean herself in any way' or improve in her hygiene without 'outside help'.

He wants us to think about it.

He also mentions the story of the other party, where none of the guests would come, and the hosts invited beggars from the street.

He says you never know when it comes to interpreting a story, and as you grow and learn in your consciousness, the stories are designed to push you to see there is more than one 'easy answer'.

As I spoke with Ross, he had shown me a special key in diamond.

When I am sick, I go through pages and pages of designs on antique jewelry. It amazes me the creativity, how the beauty lasts in some and not so much in others, and I learn about the stones.

I saw, with horror, a 'pierced' ring, where the stone had a diamond attached through it in a hole that was drilled.

Many of these are black onyx with a diamond in the middle, and are called 'mourning rings', which I didn't know.

I've learned some rubies are filled with glass to hide the cracks, and therefore have less value. Other gemstones too.

I learned that the key shape one, a high arch like art deco, was one where I saw it once, and I tried yesterday to find it again, and I didn't, I failed, and I had to admit to Ross I failed, and I was sorry.

So in meditation, HE produced the key, in diamond, and he put it into my chest like my chest was a lock.

He turned the key.

I felt this marvelous rush of energy, and next thing I knew I was standing in a very tall, narrow hall of marble, which is a combination of the two photos above. Ross was to my right, in his robes.

The lighting in these places is always unearthly, I can't tell from the shadow where the light source is, and there's no obvious light fixtures.

As always, these places are silent, and you could hear a pin drop and when I talk it echoes.

I asked Ross what are we here to do?

He said to wait and see, and he smiled.

I looked at him, with frustration, and said, 'you didn't bring me here to have me sell COOKIES, did you?!' (like a Girl Scout).

Ross was so taken aback that he had to sit down on the floor and try to contain himself from laughing. He asked me, 'how did you ever come up with that thought?'

I didn't know.  I explained I'm new and don't remember anything and sometimes people might think it's on Earth they make you go and sell cookies and things.

I wasn't there to sell cookies.

An angel came, I don't recall who, and he put a gem, just like a padparadasha sapphire, big, orange, right under my heart chakra. It was very bright. I asked Ross if it's okay? Will it hide the green?

Ross mentioned how my pink high heart chakra is there, and the green is right next to it without a problem, right?

I said, 'ok'.

From what I understand, this one transmutes the information from the lower three chakras, and filters it, into something of strength that isn't so vulnerable like in the third dimension. The emotions have more clarity, more connection to the Higher Self than before.

Then I was gone.

As I was falling asleep last night,  I was surprised to be visited by Great Spirit.

I have only seen Great Spirit twice in all my years of doing this. I was delighted, and honored, and wanted to welcome Great Spirit.

I asked where are we to meet? Here or where you are? Great Spirit said, 'someplace in the middle' and I found we were in a room, made of stone/rock like a cave almost, but warm and inviting. There were no windows.

I asked what to offer, as I have offered cookies and lemonade in the past and made a faux pas to the Galactics.  I explained to offer is our custom here, and I would like to honor Great Spirit according to our custom.

Great Spirit understood, and paused.

Great Spirit asked for an apple.

In a flash of a tenth of a second, I manifested the finest apple the Earth has ever seen, in my right hand, and handed it to Great Spirit. Great Spirit was relaxed on the couch, and started to eat and enjoy the apple.

I asked Great Spirit what would be pleasing to drink? For it is our custom here too, and I want Great Spirit to feel welcome and comfortable.

Great Spirit asked for water.

Immediately I presented a glass with the clearest, freshest water, right from a glacier.

Then I asked, if, according to custom, it would be appropriate to give Great Spirit a gift, something which is our way here, when inviting an honored Guest?

Great Spirit said yes.

So I showed Great Spirit an artwork I had been creating, like a painting on paper I held up, only it was alive and moving. And I pointed out to him how difficult it was, and how mistakes seemed to appear by themselves and I can't fix it.

That is when Great Spirit sat on the floor, and took me right under the arm, next to the fur robes and warmth of his body. I felt very protected and loved as he stretched out his arm, and started to let colored sand fall onto my picture which was on the ground in front of us both.

Great Spirit knew how to fix the picture.

I watched with awe as Great Spirit worked. Many colors, much detail, and soon it because more in line with my original vision.

The self-perpetuating mistakes were gone!

Great Spirit also helped me, with my own hand, to pick up and place the sand, guiding my own hand with his. I saw it falling through my fingers and I felt it.

I wanted to ask more questions, but I went to another dimension where it is blocked from me. It feels like it is the same place where I was, but I as my conscious self am not allowed to remember. I felt heavy, sudden sleepiness overcome me.

Great Spirit said, as I drifted off to sleep, not to worry, everything is going to be fine, and it would be a short time before everything begins to make sense.

There is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Many things I know, none of which I tell. 

I am not at liberty to tell because loose lips sink ships.

That was a saying in world war two, for military security, if you've never heard of it.

Anyhow, this vision came in the morning, and I am permitted to share.

I saw something that looked like the queen of the commonwealth, but it was more like an old skin or a costume, but it was her.  I saw it fall. I'm not sure exactly who or what, was it a spear? A dragon? Everything was dark and shadowy.

There was another near her, like that too, not really 'them' but more like an old skin covering a being that wasn't human. 

I think it fell.

What was unusual was that a huge black thing connected them both, and like pulling in a net or something, all this black interconnected stuff started pulling UP. And it kept coming. I can't see where it is going, but it's been going on all day, and hasn't shown any sign of stopping. 

This isn't licorice string or rope--it's shiny black like squid ink, but solid and really holds everything together, like all these skin things or particles or whatever I can't really describe that are stuck to it.

It's strange I know. It's from Spirit. Sometimes Spirit isn't easy to understand, it takes time for us to process it.

As an aside, thank you for all the healing. It's been like I've been on antibiotics--my response--but I'm not taking any. My chest is clearing up. I'm not on anything more than double dose Vitamin C. And although I would like to do my sinus rinses, I've been having trouble finding the time. I will get to them this afternoon, I hope.  I am sleepy still, and coughing up lots of thick, green, phlegm. 

I pray with all my heart tomorrow is another day off.  I could use the rest.

I see how with Sunday and Wednesday I never had time to recover, and by Friday I had relapsed with my flu. A good nap today before picking up Anthony, and I hope a full night's rest will restore me to my usual state of health.

My mother is admitted to the hospital, and is undergoing tests. My sister is taking care of her, and I'm on the phone with her a lot for the medical arrangement. I also spoke with my mother's nurse. The doctors say she should improve in about two weeks. 



I want you to know that something new and beautiful is happening. 

It's something 'exotic' as in 'something you've never seen' and 'is not from here', just like this bird in the photo, which is a hummingbird, taken at rest, which is an unusual angle and sighting, for such a bird.

I will give you a hint. 

Another one of Carla's colleagues, is going with the family to Puerto Rico on a medical mission. The looks on their faces are the brightest smiles that Carla has ever seen!

Would you think anyone on the front lines at work--with the hustle and bustle of a busy operating room or clinic here in 'civilized states'--would trade places with someone like him to be off and doing medical work to those who really need it, who are experiencing complete and total devastation and destruction and loss?


All I can say is the 'win-win-win avalanche' is starting to flow.

It is the joy of helping those who are less fortunate than us which is awakening the population on earth...

All it goes down to a simple phrase which is going on the internet, on FB, 'me too'.  This again, is people putting their own 'masks' aside, in order to show light on a terribly  prevalent and hidden 'problem'. 

It's everywhere. 

And it's time to speak up.

Not in a rabble rouser way...but with a simple, honest, straightforward, 'me too'.

Now let's do something about it!


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple