Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Through My Eyes

This is my place of comfort, my comfort zone. It's just me with Ross protecting me. We are close to the grass, as we have learned in our Essene training, with the grass everything is in balance...the angels of the air, the angels of the earth, the angels of the water and the angels of the sun.

It's magical.

So in this realm of warmth and magic is my Home. My spiritual home. And my heart's home.

It is like that 24/7, and I long to return to a place where I can experience this peace MORE.

For example, this turned up today as I was going through my old papers:

March 20, 2015


Carla, my dearest child,

I love you like my own. I dearly care for you, my affection is pure fatherly intention.

I am here at my ship (pats the seat) and I call to you. I am coming. I am coming at the clarion call YOU sent (the discovery of the means to alter time at  a local theme park--that was hidden--all in part of my Ground Crew work--I call in for backup when I encounter stuff like this--ed). All of us are. There are many many ships which surround you and have for twenty years -- decades -- all your life honey.

Now we are coming in. We are in your atmosphere but not in formation, cloaking and decloaking as given instruction by the Divine Command of your husband and twin, Admiral Yeshua (Ross) of the White Brotherhood and Commander Ashtar Sherhan, and Noble Gaia Sophia (yes you are part of this).

I love you and I promise you everything is happening at rapid speed and you shall be most highly pleased with the results.

Thank you for giving the message to your mother that I love her.

Thank you, your father of the stars,

E Ha Sa

This is the intention of the original Earth School.

Everyone playing nice and learning together.

Earth is where mystery and magic come together, and there is love.

Everyone who is born here will have the same love of Gaia, the earth they walk.

Yet it was on their watch Gaia got invaded.

Us, and our ancestors, were tricked.

This isn't a surprise as it was 'teenage' souls who trapped and enslaved much 'younger' souls.

This is why help from Other Realms has been sent.

This does not scare me.

Crowds, their energy, I can connect and still sense my soothing Home of Unconditional Love.

I can even extend it to them.

Unlike other Aspergers--remember, mind is VERY mild -- I can speak to a crowd and not be afraid. My energy each one. At once. Everyone present in the crowd.

I rather enjoy it and I look forward to it at some point with Ross.

Let us suppose these are my students.

Each one is different and beautiful in their own way.

Unlike an egg, I have no idea what is in them: as their purpose. I have foreseen it is to teach ohs a general premonition but not with clarity for any single one.

I have had two 'pop' or 'hatch' and go do their own thing.

When it happens, it is sudden, there is no warning, and I feel totally blindsided.

I cry.

Today I push myself to see the greater view, the one where Ross is, where one feels compassion.

Yet I struggle with embarrassment, feeling that it makes it look as if I orchestrated it, or wanted attention.

I never want that kind of attention.

I never in a million years want to be 'cool' for that is the tool that was used on my people to perpetuate the invasion of me.

I hurt.

Where are the books, right? Earth school has de-evolved to this.  Selfies.

My strength is here.

My weakness is with the selfie-people.

And Spirit is positioning people who have strength 'reaching' the selfie-people, in Phase 2 of Ascension.

From this platform way up in Compassion, with the Big Picture, I see the need and I don't say anything one way or another to damage the mission.

I just say I hope this phase is quick, and it passes, because I have a feeling I'm not going to have enough reserve of my 'strengths' to make it through.

That's why I have to meditate a lot.

Yesterday in my area, I was crying.

I held my little pink tiny Rally Monkey in front of me as my guides said, and they told me to tell it how I feel.

I couldn't get the words out. Only one word words.

Hurry.  (I had to rush to get my breakfast and Anthony to his dad's and I was scared I was going to be late).

All Over The Place.  (I wasn't assigned to one room, I had random remote locations to be all day, with cancellations too. I actually took a short walk which helped.)

Sick. (patient acuity was high, for example, one was in bigeminy the whole time, but was 'optimized' and needed the broken thing fixed).

Hungry. (I barely ate all day. A fast lunch. I didn't pack one, no time. Dinner was a quarter of a salad, and hummus/chips combo)

Tired.  (I worked until eight p.m., was excited to have the day off, then a buddy asked for a favor. I had to coordinate with Jared because Anthony has been sick. I ended up helping, I'd rather not, because this person never ever does a favor for me, but I knew they had been up all night with a sick heart, I've been there, and it's the right thing to do.)

Guilty and ashamed. (As I read more and more about Asperger's, much of my confusion I've kept hidden is coming to be released. It's super painful. BTW, my 'stims' are sitting on my hands, cleaning my nails, sitting with my legs crossed, or holding my thumb like in a mudra. It's not much. That's how I function. Loud chewing is one of my very few aversions. The other is sitting on a warm seat. )

I struggled.

Then I let go.

A wonderful warmth from the Place Of No Words filled me.

I like that place.

I need to go there every Phase 2 continues.

There is no judgement, no expectation of outcome; I am completely detached except for a small preference to be with Ross as soon as possible, and only Ross, for a short time, so I will absorb and understand that It Is Done, finished, no more Ascension, I can rest...

Ross likes books. He likes working with his hands. And we can talk about anything.

My star family (mostly my students, there are more I know well and some I haven't had the opportunity to meet) loves me. This comes true loud and clear, in spite of the differences we may have experienced with the egg-popping phenomenon I had mentioned.

Some are closer than others. The closest ones bring me great joy, and I am most thankful I don't have to walk my Earth Walk alone.

I am also thankful for the opportunity to connect with our readers through Ross' and my work with everything on the Doctors With Reiki Platform.  It gives a sense of purpose, of making a difference, and especially with all the changes in medicine I am most grateful for this.


To listen to Carla one would come to the conclusion that Ascension is a three-ring circus barely to be tolerated!


Pshaw, Carla!

Pshaw! (Puh-Shaw is an old American country term for --slang that's hard to translate but it's the lightest and softest negative one can say. It's almost teasing.)

Everyone has their place, and everyone is at there places, and it's gonna be fun.

Carla are you feeling better today?

C:  Yes. I woke up feeling better.

R:  Tomorrow is a new day?

C:  Yes Ross. I even got the same fortune in the last fortune cookie as the first one--you have passed a difficult test and you will be happy.  That helps.

R:  Are you hungry?

C:  Yes.

R:  Then eat! Go and have a nice breakfast Carla. (I had made refrigerator milk-oatmeal yesterday)

C:  You're not going to get off the hook so easy, honey. What about this and how much I hated the tone and how I talked to The Council (read, Michael...and then others who speak less) about it? How I feel with their tone I will never ever get their approval, no matter how much I try. And the dig about never exercising?! OUCH! When can I exercise? Like for reals?

R:  (he looks down)  You're not trying to open up a can of worms now, are you?

C:  Please tell the Council sometimes they can be a little overbearing and CONDESCENDING and it would be so much more effective if they could tone that part down. It's so much the energy of Separation with their hints and their 'like us' which overstates the obvious that we are NOT 'like them' until we do X and Y and Z and many of us have been struggling to do X,Y, and Z both for ourselves and others for a very long time. Next time please give us hope without the games?  Speak straight from the heart in earnest like I am talking with you and with them? No flowery language. Just love. Love we can recognize. Like, 'you know your situation isn't easy, you are a good ground crew, and your progress is such and such percent of the way. Keep going!'  Many of us mistakenly thought once we could euphemistically 'bend spoons' that was it, we were home, and it was done all the work for the Ascension. You just told us our 'bending spoons' can be 'taken away' if we don't use the skill. And you heaped MORE guilt on us for not choosing the right 'healing' avenue to use  with our new skill at 'bending spoons'.

R:  Carla I think you are overly sensitive in this. It's a party. Why not relax and enjoy the flight?

C:  I just want to go Home! Home where everything is easy to understand, and nobody ever hurts you, even by accident.

R:  (very quietly) That is your Heaven?

C:  Where I belong Ross. Where I fit in. Where I don't make little mistakes by being blunt. Where I have a chance to be happy. Where my vibrations match those of everyone around me. Every day. And there's none of these surprises or guesswork. Everything is known by telepathy. 24/7.

R:  (big sigh) You really don't like it here?

C:  It's a stretch, it's always a stretch, and now I am cranky and tired. I know I have a new day, I will start it and eat and look for the blessings. I don't want to be a wet blanket for the party everyone is planning and working so hard to achieve.

R:  What else?

C:  I'm so tired of everyone speaking for me as Gaia Sophia. Everyone on the planet --everyone -- has their ideas about what the planet wants. Even those who are destroying it. I hope one day there will be more alignment in this regard, and Heaven On Earth will be effortless and in harmony like it is in the original Heaven.  And I just want the natural disasters to stop! They are really sad.

R:  Even when the people are heroes and help someone who is trapped? Doesn't this inspire you?

C:  I love the heroes, honey, just like I love you and all my star family and my teams. They bring light into the darkest and most hopeless places. I know it's part of the plan. I trust you.

R:  There, there, there. That's my girl. There's no pshaw in that!  You want your blanket of my energy? Like the puppy?

C:  Yes. I have to go through another day, honey. It really helps. It's my armor and my shield, your love. Thank you.

R:  Happy to oblige.  And one last thing.

C:  What?

R:  People may surprise you for the better. Will you give them that chance?

C:  Of course. Today is a new day. Tomorrow too. I never judge honey. I don't expect anything from anyone. Here or where you are. I would be delighted for the Council to speak plainly and simply. That's all.

R:  I love you. I wish you a powerful day.

C:  You mean the world to me, honey. I love you with all my heart. I'm so glad you're healthy and doing well. I'm glad for this every day that you are not hurt and suffering. I really am.

R:  (shows me his muscles like my grandpa used to do) I am strong!

C:  You are the strongest person I know honey. The strongest one! Go get 'em tiger. <3

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple